Time To Debate

Dinesh Dinesh D’Souza is trying to find Richard Dawkins to debate him. However, Dawkins refuses to debate.

Dawkins, one of the world’s leading atheists, has been traveling around the world debating televangelists and outsmarting them in his (interview) format.

This video demonstrates Dinesh’s talents while calling out Dawkins for what he is – a chicken. Dawkins will say that he “won’t debate creationists” but Dinesh is an evolutionist. Dawkins is very intelligent in his narrow field of biology but when stepping out of the lab, he needs to take full responsibility for this move into the philosophical/religious world.

Thus far, he is only taking the profit and fame of his new book, The God Dellusion, while rejecting the tough questions from Dinesh.

You may agree with Dawkins on this issue but the point of this video is to drum up public pressure to encourage Dawkins to accept Dinesh’s offer to a debate.

At Tufts University, Dinesh D’Souza debated Daniel Dennett. Dennett fans were none too pleased at the outcome and this is why Dawkins refuses to take on D’Souza.

Christopher Hitchens, unlike Dawkins, did accept and performed better than Dennett but judging from the comments on RichardDawkins.net, the atheists were not thrilled with Hitchens’ performance either. Hitchens has a much broader perspective (history, philosophy and a little science) than Dennet (and Dawkins) and this was helpful during the D’Souza onslaught.

Finally, Dawkins seems like a nice guy but reeks with an intellectual arrogance. I think a debate with D’Souza would not only serve the intellectual community well with these two heavy weights, but it would also do Richard Dawkins a bit of good.


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