The Obama Victory Speech – and Predictions

I really don’t want this to sounds like sour grapes, but was that Obama victory speech one of the worst that he has given?  The guy can give a good speech, that my friends was not his best (his Iowa one was good).  

I really hoped that there would have been a classy time when he truly attempted to reach out to McCain voters, I mean truly tried.  He gave it one line basically and then went back into his liberal rhetoric of nothingness.  

We didn’t learn anything else about what his plans are, maybe because he doesn’t have any concrete plans.  

It was a wasted opportunity to reach out to the 55 million people who voted for McCain/Palin and try to bring people together.  

As I have said in another post, I truly fear that we are headed into a more divisive and divided political atmosphere because Obama can’t tolerate any sort of Republican ideas and he can’t stand to work with Republicans.  Obama has zero experience listening to Republicans and will never work well with others.  

So let’s all make some predictions on what will happen over the next 4 years, here is my list:

1.  Obama’s Middle class tax cut will not happen

2.  There will be an official Palestinian State – brokered by this Administration

3.  The Coal industry will lose thousands of jobs

4.  The economy will improve – because no matter who was elected it would improve, that’s what markets do they go up and down

5.  We will not be free from foreign oil

6.  Republicans will gain seats in 2010

7.  There will be a tax hike on employers (the rich)

8.  John Kerry will leave his Senate seat

9.  Deval Patrick will serve out one term and not run again

10. Obama will not pull troops out of Iraq as quickly as the liberals might think.  

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  • nomad943

    Obama will soon learn that his ego, as large as it is, is still nowhere near as great as that of Nancy Pelosi.

    The two will quickly fall to feuding over who should take credit for what, leading to years of no legislative accomplishment despite having complete control over everything.

    Obama, whos administration will be joined by Deval Patrick (the new cabinet position of Secretary of Communications Excelence) and Sir John Kerry (Ambasador to Kenya), will be marked in history as the cause of the deepest global recesion in generations even though that recesion was underway long beforehand.

    In 2010 Al Sharpton will lead the effort to have him impeached when his actual birth certificate is made public.

  • geo999

    I thought the paraphrased rip off of MLK’s “we may not get there” was a bit lame.

    It was also making excuses before the fact.

    He should leave the making of excuses job up to the NYT.

  • I will get a nice $2000 tax increase…..and will not see one cent of a tax cut.

    … electric bill will skyrocket….using Obama’s own words….

    ….Yellowstone is going to blow its supervolcano and end life as we know it.