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Check here for my live blog of election night. I will be at the Yes on 1 party, a surprise, and finishing the night with the MASS GOP. (updated)

7:40pm – We’re at the Yes on 1 party in Framingham still waiting for results to come in. Carla Howell, Rich Aucoin, Alvin Anders and other supporters of Question 1 are here. There are probably 15 people here. Cash bar. Corie & I are the youngest people here by at least 20 years.  FNC is on the TV.  One member of the press so far…

0% precincts reporting Q1

7:56pm – Michael Cloud and Kamal Jain are both out of town and will not be in attendance.  

7:58pm – And the reporters start to arrive.

8:05pm – 20 people

8:06pm – Carla Howell is saying she is not making a statement until at least 8:45pm

8:10pm – 0% precincts reporting

– HOLY SMOKES! John “Liveshot” Kerry projected to win US Senate race. – AP

8:13pm – BJ Lawson is getting crushed in NC 77%-23% with 26% reporting. Well so much for the RP poster boy

8:18pm – First results

62% NO – 812

38% YES – 491

8:20pm – So it begins.

8:21pm Beatty 33%

Kerry 63%

8:23pm – – Channel 5 is projecting Q1 to go down in flames with 1% of the precincts reporting. There are probably 30 people here now. It doesn’t feel like a funeral…yet.

8:30pm – Channel 5 is calling it the “Income Tax Ban” on their crawler. Ha. Dog Racing Ban. Income Tax Ban. We really love to ban stuff in this state. We should rename it the Ban State! HAH! sigh

8:33pm – John Sununuuuuuuuu is losing badly with 9% reporting…and people at this mostly libertarian gathering like Sununu. It’s gonna be a long night.

8:35pm – New Hampshire goes to OBAMA! and a little piece of John McCain dies with it. UPDATE – New Hampshire is FUCKED

8:40pm – Crossdresser just wandered in and what gathering of libertarians is complete without crossdressers! Credibility rules.

8:47pm – Latest Results on Q1

70% NO

30% YES

Thank you sir may I have another?

8:50pm – I hear someone preaching in the background oh wait it’s OBAMA! HOPE! CHANGE! UNICORNS! FREE SHIT! RAINBOWS! UG

8:56pm – JC Cunningham is done

75% – Markey 23,398

25% – JC 7,989

11% Reporting


Kuros (R) 49%

Kujawski (DUI) 51%

1 precinct reporting

45% – Levy

55% – Eldridge

3 of 52 reporting

9:06pm – CNN Projects OBAMA! to win blue states

54% Scibeli

46% Ash

6 of 13

3rd Middlesex is TIGHT

34% Hogan (D)

34% Goulding (I)

32% Parente (R)

1 of 13

9:10pm – Carla Howell is about to make a statement…

Current Results

NO 69%

YES 31%


“The teachers union has a lot of money and they want to take more of it from you. They don’t really care about the working families in this state. It is part of institutionalized selfishness. All that being said it looks we’re going to come in with the same numbers of vote we had in 2002…”

“All of the people opposing this initiative have been raising your property taxes for the last 28 years. 4,000 Prop 2 ½ overrides that teachers have led the fight for over 25 years. They want you to continue to pay the income tax and want to raise your property taxes.”

“Had the teachers unions been around when Sam Adams threw tea into Boston Harbor the would’ve run ads against him…we want to thank every voter who ignored the fear tactics and scare tactics from the unions. We’re sorry we came up short and couldn’t give your family the tax cut you really need in these tough economic times.”

Carla hinted about another ballot question in the future.

9:23pm – And we’re off to our surprise.

10:33pm – And we’re back! Along our way to Marblehead we were passed by Gloria Fox in her in Mercedes convertible covered in Playboy bunny stuff and Gloria Fox stickers on it. This  happened while Corie was talking about limousine liberals…anyway if you haven’t figured out where we as we’re now sitting with ol’ tax battle axe Barbara Anderson.

10:39pm is exploding with laughs. ”  

10:45pm – Barbara figured Q1 would be either a razor thin victory or a complete blow out…and she was right a blow out.

10:51pm – “You can’t be $5million dollars never mind $7-8 million

10:52pm Fox News Jeanie Zelasko look alike makes the most profound statement of the night “OBAMA! benefited from new voters.”

10:53pm – Rep. Tim Ryan (R-Wisconsin) says the GOP needs to reform itself and stop being afraid of it’s principles anymore. “Too much political fear in our party…we have to going to be the reform party we used to be…” “We need to limit the size of our government and not double it…we have to reform the whole tax system and the problem is we’ve got big government. We need to take the principles of Reagan…etc, etc.”

Well, isn’t that nice?

10:56pm – Barbara’s grandson just called he supports McCain…


11:07 – “Not even Romney could’ve won this election with everything that happened.”

11:09pm – Fox is still asking “Do we know the REAL Barack OBAMA!? ” Just give it up already.

11:18pm – Jesse Jackson is crying…”It…should’ve been me…”

11:19pm – Mac is giving his speech and people are booing his praise of OBAMA! His voice is cracking and strained.

11:22pm – Avella is up 54%-46% with half the precincts reporting. – Globe

11:23pm – Back to Mac…”Chants of John McCain…um sorry but it is not happening…Barbara – “He looks younger tonight.”

Sarah Palin looks like she is crying…is she crying?

11:30pm – Barbara is recounting her defeat in 1990 Question 3 when they tried to repeal $2 billion in tax hikes, the Dukakis hikes. They were going to cut $2 billion out of $12 billion…and Jim Braude said “It goes to far.” Sound familiar

“It doesn’t matter if Carla tried to cut $2.50 or $12 billion…the same people that opposed our tax cut in 1990 opposed her tax cut. They used the same arguments, too.”

11:52pm – AVELLA UPDATE –

Still no change or update in precincts.

12:00am – OBAMA! Speaks to his flock…recycles old speech…”We felt that way with Reagan” – Barbara…we can see how these people get so worked over OBAMA! He is a tremendous speaker…maybe the Reagan babies will get our own Reagan someday.

12:06am – Patrick checks in from Hennessey’s and reports that it “Is in the tank for Obama.”

12:13 – YES WE CAN…TOGETHER WE CAN…It’s all the same. OBAMA! is giving a sermon and OH LOOK MORE JESSE JACKSON! OPRAH!

12:25amLooks like if Avella wins the GOP has a net LOSS of TWO in the State House.  Sonny Parente looks like a maybe at this point.

12:32am – Corie laughs at Wonkette then pouts about Question 1 & RP dreamboat BJ Lawson

12:43am – NECN is showing thousands of college kids who all are members of the United Church of OBAMA! Barbara mutters something about  about the future…concern…

12:50am – We see Washington passes the assisted suicide bill…contemplate moving there…they have no income tax…

1:19am – What does the future hold for CLT? All of their endorsed incumbents won…all of their challengers lost (with the exception of Avella)

1:28am – DOES ANYONE KNOW IF PAUL AVELLA WON? JESUS H CHRIST! What the hell is wrong with Westford?

1:51am – Alaska Politics…Sarah Palin…Ted Stevens re-elected?

1:52am – Question 1 did not win a single town.

2:22am – Alright Kids we’re leaving Barbara’s…Palin 2012 or something. Shit where is Barbara’s cat? Gilgamesh! Gilgamesh? Where are you!? Maybe the teachers union kidnapped him…


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