Terror In Mumbai

(Lest we forget, because President Bush has kept us safe for 7 years, that Radical Islam is still a threat to the West. – promoted by Cool Cal)

Calling the terrorist attack on Mumbai (India) the “most significant” since the 9/11 attacks on American soil, Weekly Standard blogger Bill Roggio’s makes this observation:

“The terrorists launched a sophisticated, multi-pronged attack into a city of 18 million residents. This requires planning, training, funding, and detailed reconnaissance. The targets were chosen carefully to achieve maximum effect. The terrorists hit hotels, a train station, a movie house, a residential complex, and a hospital–all soft targets. They also were able to plant bombs in taxis as well as capture a police van, which was then used in a drive-by shooting spree.”

“The assault teams–there is no other way to describe them–coordinated and synchronized their attacks to overwhelm Mumbai security. The terrorists were able to take a significant number of hostages. They knew where to find foreigners and wealthy Indians–at the five star hotels.”

“Past attacks in Indian cities and in other parts of the world may have had higher death tolls, but they failed to achieve the results of Mumbai. The city has been completely shut down for two days, while the Hindustan Times said the country is gripped by a “fear psychosis.” India’s government has long treated the terrorist problem as a secondary issue. This will change. The mode of attack–assault teams launched into the heart of a major city–is already sending chills down the spines of security officials and governments throughout the world.”

At this time, the Indian government is still struggling to come up with an understanding of what has happened to its country. USA President-elect Barack Obama has offered words of solidarity for the Indian people & has properly condemned the terrorists. Beyond the words, though, what will be the policies of an Obama administration with regards to Islamofascism? Will Obama follow Bush’s path in treating the movement as an existential threat to be confronted by America & her allies? Or will Obama treat Islamofascism as an international problem to be managed by the civilized world’s plethora of NGOs? Obama campaigned for the latter. Will the Mumbai attacks – & what it portends – force Obama to embrace the Bush approach?

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