Senator Marzilli Resigns

(You won’t have Jim Marzilli to Kick around anymore – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

Jeremy Jacobs is reporting…

Jim Marzilli has resigned from the state Senate, according to Senate President Therese Murray’s office.

In a letter to Murray, Marzilli, an Arlington Democrat, stated: “I hereby offer my resignation, effective 5 P.M., November 14.”

The Audacity of Grope

The moonbats at BMG obtained a copy of the letter

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  • politicalmadman

    Oh wait, we still have Wilkerson and Dimaisi. Who will be next ???

  • He’s my senator.  I don’t want him to resign! I’m so proud of him.  We love to converse about all of his excapades here in the district. He’s such a grope, er…I mean great senator!