Sal Dimasi attempts to out-scandal Wilkerson

Now, Speaker Sal doesn’t do low level corruption. 23Gs is for amateurs. Stuffing cash in a bra and meals at the Fill-A-Buster? Forget it.

Sal is interested in F-You money not pad-your-bra money. And Sal doesn’t do any of it himself. Hey, what are friends for?

DiMasi refuses to provide records

Ethics panel files motion to force his compliance

By Andrea Estes and Stephen Kurkjian

Globe Staff And Globe Correspondent / November 3, 2008

The Ethics Commission is looking into multimillion-dollar state contracts awarded to a software company, Cognos ULC, in 2006 and 2007. Cognos and an independent sales agent paid some of DiMasi’s friends and business associates more than $2 million while the software firm was pressing for lucrative state business. DiMasi had been actively pushing other state officials for the exact kind of performance management software that Cognos produces.

What next?

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