Proposition #8 Sore Losers Get Ugly

(Why the goons at MassEquality worked so hard to NOT “Let the People Vote” here in Massachusetts.   In California, they’ve just been exposed for the anti-democratic goons they are. – promoted by Cool Cal)

Opponents of California’s Proposition #8 have decided to take to the streets to show the ugly side of their movement. This should come as no surprise to any long time observer of the “marriage equality” phenomenon. Rogue judges, pandering politicians (that means you, Governor Schwarzenegger), & New Left cultural Marxists will ensure that the current clashes will escalate into dangerous confrontations. Today the Mormons are being subjected to religious bigotry (hey Mitt, where are YOU in your church’s hour of need?) & the same may happen tomorrow to other religions considered bastions of bigotry. The “marriage equality” movement is problematic on many levels but for First Amendment absolutists said movement might morph into an existential threat for religious freedom (& free speech in general if “speech codes” are imposed on critics of “marriage equality”). Stay tuned.

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