PolitickerMA reports: Jeff Perry Not Seeking Leadership but Supports a Change

PolitickerMA.comis reporting today that Jeff Perry (R-Sandwich) is not seeking the leadership of the House GOP caucus.  However he does support a change in leadership.  I have heard through the grapevine that another candidate will emerge but have not been told who that candidate is.

Update: Sorry for the previous confusion I blogged this from my cell phone and read the link wrong.

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  • If it’s not George Peterson, who I think is unhappy with Brad’s leadership and also controls the largest bloc of votes, then it would be Lew Evangelidis, who is from Central MA.  Either would be a great pick!

  • I couldn’t find the Boston Herald report but I did discover this over at PolitickerMA.com:

    Despite numerous rumors suggesting otherwise, state Rep. Jeff Perry said Saturday that he is not challenging state Rep. Brad Jones for his post as House Minority Leader.

    Also, I found these comments to be very interesting.

    The lawmaker also said that he believes Massachusetts Republicans “have been too timid” in emphasizing the GOP’s basic principles to voters. Such principles, Perry said, include fighting for limited government, opposition to tax increases, opposition to earmarks, strength on law enforcement issues and demanding the highest ethical standards for elected officials.

    “All across Republican circles it is agreed that change is needed,” Perry said. “Change at its basic level should mean new party leaders stepping forward and given the opportunity to bring a new energy to the GOP.”


  • How pitiful that the liliputian of a GOP caucus is in the midst of a feeding frenzy trying to secure new leadership! There obviously must be some people who cannot wait to get their hands on the bonu$ that leadership positions bring to one’s pay check.

    I have worked with Brad Jones on a number of issues (and briefly lived in Reading) and i think he takes a realistic approach to being the Minority Leader. He does what he can w/o taking things so far as to just be swatted away like a fly.

    Perry does not impress me as a top party leader. Maybe another two or three years down the road. Polito is best known for having difficulty winning a WAAF competition for the most appealing female representative.

    Truth be told, few in that caucus impress me.

    One new leader will not a caucus grow ~ Yoda