McCain Goes Socialist

Too funny.  The guy who accuses Obama of being socialist told a FL crowd Monday that not only would he keep taxes down, “we’re gonna take more of those revenues and share them with the state of Florida!”.  Sounds downright redistributionist, don’t it?  Just heard him say it on NPR, lol!  Audio here, IF YOU DARE!

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  • Yellow Cake?

    I also love how the guy whose campaign is publicly financed, you know, redistributing tax payer dollars into his campaign account so that he can run for president, is calling the guy who raised his campaign dollars from people who voluntarily chose to give their money to the Obama campaign a Socialist. LOL!

    Why does McCain escape criticism for his Political Socialism/Campaign Welfare handout? I guess entitlements are OK if your a rich Republican!  

  • you’re saying that you don’t know shit about socialism?