MassGOP Chairmanship: Nassour to be Challenged by Manzoli?…

Joe Manzoli, Republican U.S. Senate challenger Jeff Beatty’s campaign manager this year, said over the weekend that he is considering running for chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party.

“I’m open to it,” Manzoli told “I’ve received probably 15 emails from people asking me to run.”

Manzoli said he has not decided whether he will run or not because he just returned from a two-week trip to Italy with his wife.…

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  • Were they all out of state?

  • politicalmadman

    HMMM, they lost big yet he wants to be chair ? Sounds familiar.

  • Before people tear Joe Manzoli apart, I think they should remember that we had 10 candidates run for chair in the last election for Chair.  With the exception of Joe (& Jeff) the rest of them disappeared and did nothing.

    Joe may not be my choice for chair (I don’t have one yet), and he may have made some mistakes with the Beatty campaign (Obviously we all did or we would have had some wins) but at least he put his posterior to work while others simply stood by.

    Thanks Joe!  I hope others follow your example.