Mass GOP R.I.P.

How did this happen? In the Hudson/Marlboro area 2 moderate Republicans (Sonny Parente and Arthur Vigeant) lost in the fight for 2 open House seats. Both campaigns were well funded and organized. Both candidates had great reputations and credentials. Both candidates LOST.

How did this happen?

1. Anyone with an R next to their name suddenly became George W. Bush.

2. Great deal of Bush backlash, much of it deserved.

3. Large turnouts and many young voters. They were voting for Obama, pot, and dogs.

4. R = Bush, vote for the other candidate.

As an independent social conservative I now feel lost.

What is the answer? GOP out of business? 3rd party? Or just wait and see if Obama implodes a la Clinton 1994, BTW I don’t think THAT will happen

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