Lowell’s Cliff Krieger Joins Blogosphere

Former State Representative candidate and Air Force fighter pilot, Colonel Cliff Krieger, USAF (Ret) has joined the blogosphere according to the Lowell Sun.  Cliff will provide a much needed counterpoint in Lowell to Left In Lowell a well written albeit leftist blog.

THE CITY’S “progressive” (aka liberal) bloggers should watch their backs. There’s a new voice from the right side of the aisle in the Lowell blogosphere.

Cliff Krieger, the retired Air Force officer and Lowell Republican City Committee member who unsuccessfully challenged state Rep. David Nangle in 2002 and 2004, posts his conservative views on the day’s issues online at http://right-side-of-lowell.bl…

Krieger said the blog was originally intended to be a back-and-forth between himself and former WCAP host George Anthes, who is now hosting a daily show on Lowell cable. Now, Krieger is out on his own and enjoying it.

He said that although he never felt unwelcome to comment on other local blogs, there was a need for a conservative voice among the city’s political bloggers, which include the aptly named Left in Lowell and the more centrist Democrats of richardhowe.com.

“I hope to open up the discussion. I would like to get more people talking about the issues of the day, and not just political issues, but also cultural ones,” Krieger wrote in an e-mail to The Column.

Cliff is a very effective writer and was a regular guest on George Anthe’s nightly show on WCAP as well as being a prolific letter writer to the Lowell Sun.  Welcome to the blogosphere Cliff.  You can visit Cliff’s blog here.  We’ll get it added to the blogroll soon.

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