Jeff Beatty, a SouthCoast Perspective

If 31 percent of voters rejecting U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., in the Sept. 16 state primary constituted a slap in the face, Republican challenger Jeffrey K. Beatty is now looking to those voters to help deliver a knockout punch.

Mr. Beatty of Harwich doesn’t expect to win everyone who voted against Sen. Kerry in the primary, including more than 8,300 SouthCoast residents. But Mr. Beatty is banking on a portion of those voters to help him unseat the four-term incumbent Tuesday.

The primary was a sign that “his support is very shallow,” said Mr. Beatty, who has campaigned around the state for nearly a year

Some polls suggest a degree of disaffection with Sen. Kerry. In an August opinion poll by Suffolk University, his disapproval rating nearly matched his approval numbers: 42 percent disapproval to 44 percent approval.…

Nathan Pierce, chairman of the New Bedford Republican Party, said Mr. O’Reilly’s showing indicates Bay State residents are “sick of the same old, tired policies,” and Mr. Beatty can capitalize on that dissatisfaction.

“Jeff Beatty has demonstrated his credentials and his relevant experience makes him the best choice for senator from Massachusetts,” Mr. Pierce said.…

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