Jay Severin jumps the shark

I am a left-leaning, tree-hugging Arlington liberal who enjoys an intellectual challenge from the other side.  That’s one of the reasons why I have been a frequent listener to Jay Severin.  However, the show has deteriorated beneath the point of listenability.  After the latest disappointment (a rant agianst Obama and the Fairness Doctrine), I sent off the following email directly to Severin.

I was in the car at 5:00, when the exit polls were released.  Jay, even though I disagree with you on most issues, I think you are a brilliant strategist.  I think there are not many people who can cut through data, like exit polls, as well as you do.  I thought you would make me an insider, give me some insight about the election that others wouldn’t get from CNN before midnight.

What a disappointment.

Your 5:00 segment gave me nothing that I wanted to hear.  This was the latest in lame and lazy programming, a rant instead of intellectual challenges.

Your election coverage has been horrible.  You were spouting discredited internet blather about Obama’s birth certificate, and you were condemning an attack by black Obama thugs hours after Pennsylvania authorities announced this was a hoax.

When I shut off the radio, you were ranting about the fairness doctrine.  Again.  Jay, the fairness doctrine won’t kill your show.  Bad radio will.  Sadly, that’s becoming your trademark.

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