Jason Pramas and Chuck Turner

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So the editor/Publisher of “Open Media Boston” came to the defense of Chuck $1000 Turner today.  They have a new editorial up talking about why Progressives shouldn’t rush to judgment.  Which I always think people should think through their judgement, and that’s not all a bad thing, however it’s Jason’s connections to Chuck Turner that make me give pause.  First here is some of his moonbat ramble.  


However, progressives in general and the African-American community in particular have little reason to trust the motives of the FBI in this instance – given decades of official government harassment of both groups – and so progressive political lists have been abuzz all day about the whys and wherefores of this case.

I would love to know the decades of official government harassment, because that would be decades of Democrats in charge harassing citizens.. but again no proof from this guy.  

Anyway, here is the best part.  

Open Media Boston Editor/Publisher Jason Pramas has maintained friendly working relations with Councilor Chuck Turner for a few years – first as Director of the labor-community non-profit Massachusetts Global Action (formerly Campaign on Contingent Work), then as a graduate student at UMass Boston. Pramas remains on the Board of Directors of Massachusetts Global Action – which does project work with Turner. Pramas also met with Turner at his City Hall office to discuss Open Media Boston earlier this year.

Ok, see that is NOT full disclosure as he says on his site.  I would love to know:

If Chuck Turner ever helped Jason get money for any of these organizations – either Government grants, or City Money, or through political donations to support Jason’s causes… whether it be his ‘media blog’ or his ‘social network’ that he put together in 2004.  

Either way, if Jason Pramas is dependent on Chuck Turner helping him get money – the public has a right to know.  This paper is seemingly acting as Chuck Turner’s PR wing and doesn’t seem unbiased at all.  

Maybe he does, maybe he doesn’t but let us know his full relationship with Chuck.  

How does Open Media Boston get it’s money?  Why won’t they release their donors?

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