Is a Two-Time Loser a Good Investment?

Sandra Martinez, the GOP candidate who failed twice (2006 & 2008) to win away the 3rd Middlesex senate seat from Susan Fargo, is raising funds for another go in 2010.

Dear Friends and Supporters:

I want you to be the FIRST to know – Today I begin my run for 2010! …

In order to ensure success in this future election, I need to begin to raise funds immediately.  It will be necessary to build a war chest of $200,000 to finance an off- presidential-year election.  I appreciate your past support and hope that I can count on your continued support through 2010!

Please consider sending your most generous contribution today…

I really do admire her tenacity, and although I deleted the irrelevant parts of her letter for brevity, it was well-written and appropriately appreciative of her supporters.  Still, her plans sound quixotic at best.  How many times can she get people to throw money down the same rabbit hole?  Perhaps she, like certain others sympathetic to her views, just don’t know when to give up?

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