Hillary vs McCain: I heard a gentleman and a warrior tonight

Compare Hillary’s egomaniacal concession speech after the primaries to McCain’s tonight.

I wanted to post something of a gloating nature, but I can’t. McCain’s speech won’t let me, nor will Obama’s humble nature (no “I got me some  political capital and I intend to spend it” a la GWB).

McCain could not have been more gracious. His delivery was spot-on, and I think he meant every word.

McCain’s a good man. In some ways a great one. I think he can now go back to being his real self–a royal pain, but a decent one, which we need more of. I never once believed his heart was in it when he went into the gutter, and I fully expect him to serve out his term being the vigorous and forceful loyal opposition that represents the best his Party can be.

You guys worry too much. Obama’s a remarkable guy, and if you set aside your built in prejudice–I don’t mean racial, I know you’re not, I mean blind party loyalty–you’ll find much to appreciate, even as you fight his policies. There’s a touch of the healer, something we all so desperately need after the Bush debacle–the bloodthirsty partisanship is destroying our ability to work together. Bill Bennet–no fool–expressed his hope that Obama could be a great one. Early to tell–he might crash and burn in months. But those of us who’ve looked at him with an open mind see the potential.

You can work for your Party or you can put country first. We all have a clean slate now. The country–and we’re in deep %$# –isn’t gonna  get any better if we all insist on trash talking. That’s schoolyard stuff.  

It’s been a blast. Peace out, dawgs.

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