“Cause for Concern”, or why Brad Jones should step down

On Friday evening I first heard that Representative Jeff Perry (R-Cape Cod) was challenging Brad Jones for minority leader.  The rumor mill had the caucus vote split at 8-8.  I didn’t have a chance to get to my computer this weekend to blog about it.  Dave Wedge in the Boston Herald has since confirmed it:

A movement is under way to oust Rep. Bradley H. Jones (R-N. Reading) as Republican Minority Leader and replace him with Rep. Jeff Perry (R-Harwich).

“People are just unhappy with Brad,” said a GOP operative. “He too often just goes along with Sal instead of being a real opponent.”

The case could not have been better made than by Representative Jones’s comment to the Boston Globe in response to Sal Dimasi not releasing records to the Ethics Commission.

“It would be a cause for concern,” said House minority leader Brad Jones, of North Reading, when asked to comment on DiMasi’s refusal to cooperate.

Cause for Concern, that’s what you say when someone in your own party gets caught. Not the opposition.  It’s time for Brad to go.

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