Building our Party from here.

Since 1998, I have emailed this the day after the elections (as well as other times in the year) to Republican activists. Here it is again.

3 Things We need to Focus on as a Party

#1 Focus on LOCAL elections, Selectman, School Committee City Council. They are the future higher office holders and their friend and family will bolster our ranks. Door knock or don’t run. (Not sexy, but necessary) Every town has a local election every spring. The opportunities are every year.

#2 Train every activist in Massachusetts to know the proper methodology for campaigning and fundraising. The more we know, the more effective we will all be. There are no hidden tricks and knowledge should be shared.

#3 Fundraise at both the local and higher levels, both small dollar AND high dollar.

There is an old Chinese Proverb. “First you fix the problem, then, once the crisis is averted, there will be plenty of time to lay blame.”

Priorities matter.  


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