BMG & Judy Meredith in the tank for higher taxes

Judy Meredith, moonbat veteran, is organizing a meeting tonight for high-tax advocates.

In a post for the organization and at Blue Mass Group she praises the defeat of Question 1 as a victory for poor people, schools, and blind kittens. She apparently forgot to mention Speaker Sal, Sen. Dianne Wilkerson (DD-Roxbury), crooks at the DPW, MDC, police details, turnpike, teachers unions, MBTA crooks, the status quo, etc.


She writes…

The ONE Massachusetts Network is about to begin a statewide debriefing project to learn more from our communities and organizational members:

Which public structures do you rely and place value on, and where do those structures need improvement?

What sort of changes need to be made to restore your faith that an increase in taxes would be spent wisely and collected fairly?


She is holding some 60s style teach-in event somewhere. I would highly recommend if you’re not attending another event tonight to attend this event and see what type of moonbat proposal they’re cooking up. Progressive income tax? An increase in the income tax rate? Maybe the sales tax?

What about a tax on carbon or trans fat foods?  

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