Announcement: Boston Conservative Forum

This message is to announce the formation of the Boston Conservative Forum.

The Forum will hold its first symposium and meeting next year in the first half January. A precise date and venue somewhere in the City of Boston will be determined by the participants.

Anyone who is at all interested in participating in this project please contact me:

Edward W Wagner

Jamaica Plain, MA


My fellows on the right,

This election was lost primarily due to a failure of communication.  We were virtually shouted down: because of our timidity and because of the overwhelming corruption of our institutions of information and education.

It suddenly occurred to me that even I was part of the problem when I realized that I had only the nerve to wear my McCain/Palin button in my own neighborhood on Election Day. We have been cowed, we have been bullied and we have had the terms of argument twisted against us.

The result in these past years was that a decent if flawed President was ignominiously defamed and slandered, a decent if flawed candidate was mocked and dismissed in favor of an elegant cipher who conceals a radical anti-American agenda.

Our institutions of learning have guaranteed that the rising generation of voters is completely ignorant of what makes us unique and a uniquely strong nation.

Some of you may remember the old Boston Conservatives Society. For a decade, with almost no budget and when most conservatives in Massachusetts were intellectually isolated, before talk-radio and before the Internet, the BCS held monthly discussions and forums with speakers who were important scholars and activists. Almost every important Republican and many Democrat, Libertarian and other third party politicians came to plead with us during election season. In its last years I published the Boston Mercury which expanded the audience for the forums tenfold or more.

The Boston Conservative Forum would be more ambitious. The Internet would allow us to aspire to an audience in the thousands. Furthermore our whole system of news and mass communication is in flux. The old corrupt vehicles, such as The Boston Globe, TV, — even broadcast radio — will continue to decline. They may not even be around come next election cycle. This is the time to get in on the ground floor.

I really believe our liberty and our traditions will depend on our energy.

The worm will turn in history; opportunity will present itself but only for those ready to grasp the opportunity. This is also the time to shape what conservatism means in the 21st Century.

The success of the project will depend upon the daring and imaginativeness of our ideas and the caliber of our speakers. Above all I need assistance in convincing the right people to participate. Everything else is PR spadework.

Edward W Wagner

Jamaica Plain

Boston, Massachusetts

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