Abandonment is a strategy

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So I was reviewing my notes from over the years as to how to turnaround an organization.  I thought there must be some gem in my notes that would help the GOP in Massachusetts.  Here we are the day after the 2008 Presidential election and once again the Massachusetts GOP has been beaten like a rented mule.  What few challengers the party presented were crushed and the GOP brand has been further tarnished.  So how does the Massachusetts GOP stage a turnaround?

Well, my notes first suggest a management change.  But, what I know of the current state GOP leadership suggests they are good.  Torkildson and his team are relatively new and they have great ideas.

My second thought is a thorough situation analysis.  I usually refer to this as SWOT analsyis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats.  This could take a while and with the weakened state of the GOP there may be no consensus as to what those things are.  The party seems fractured enough that nobody could agree on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

A third option is Cost reduction and/or Acquisitions.  This hardly seems likely for the state GOP.

Then I came across the final set of notes and realized that there is one more option – abandonment.  Some organizations were not meant to succeed.  Business directories are full to overflowing with detailed hierarchies and business plans of organizations that failed miserably and simply were not meant to be.  Could this be the best option for the GOP in Massachusetts right now?

Perhaps it might be for this reason – we keep throwing millions of dollars at losing races.  The GOP simply can not win in Massachusetts right now.  The timing is wrong and the resources are too few.  It has become apparant that the customers (voting public) do not want what the GOP is selling.  Perhaps the GOP should close up shop and work elsewhere for a year or two?

Think about that for a moment – have the GOP stop representing the people.  No more contested races – no more challenges to lazy, criminal incumbents.  Let the Democrats raise taxes as much as they want.  Let them vote in gay marriage, marijuana use, outlaw transfats, regulate Fluffernutter use, and every other crazy freakin idea that comes down the pike.  Anyone that sends in money to the GOP gets the check back in the mail with a note saying “Sorry, closed for business – you’re on your own”.  Have the GOP just walk away.  What would happen?

I think what would happen is that voters would suddenly realize how much they appreciated the GOP once it was gone.  No longer would anyone scream and yell when the liberals raised taxes on the middle class.  I think a groundswell would occur and people would say to themselves that they now have to get involved or risk losing everything.  They would realize all the blocking and tackling that went on by the good, hard-working underdogs in the GOP.

The GOP works way too hard for the people of Massachusetts.  The people of Massachusetts don’t deserve GOP representation.  They send in an occassional $5 check and expect miracles.  It doesn’t work that way.  Party politics is a team sport and everyone needs to either step up to the plate or the game is over.  Right now in Massachusetts it appears the game is over.  

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