A Call for Leadership Change !!

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In Today’s Boston Herald Peter Torkildsen said,” if Republicans could have defined their races as runs against Gov. Patrick, whom he feels is increasingly unpopular,”We would have had a better shot ? Who is he kidding!

    Torkildsen and his so call leadership of the Republican Party in Massachusetts is one reason we didn’t capture the US Senate Race. Where was  Torkildsen in helping out Jeff Beatty?

    No instead we have Republicans lying to Republicans that there having phone banks to call Massachusetts voters,just to get people in, and when they get there, they are told they are calling New Hampshire.

It is no secret that the State GOP Leadership had hand picked Jim Ogonowski to run for the US Senate. Mr  Ogonowski is a very fine person with good intentions but he did not have the credentials that Jeff Beatty has.

       When Mr   Ogonowski failed to get the required signatures to get into a primary, the State GOP Leaders turned their backs on Jeff Beatty. The State GOP needs to learn what the words TEAM WORK really means. We need to get rid of the elitist and snobbish attitude that runs in the GOP in Massachusetts, Do as I say or forget it!!!

Where were the so called leaders in the State GOP in Mr Mitt Romney, Kerry Healey, Paul Cellucci and Jane Swift?

      The answer is plain and simple, they took a hike leaving Jeff Beatty to work his butt off working across the state raising funds.

Now we hear that Kerry might go to Washington and be part of the Socialists President Administration.  We hear that Sen. Scott Brown is interested in running if Kerry leaves. Jeff Beatty also has not ruled out a second run. Will the State GOP hand pick Sen Brown when the State GOP Leadership is supposed to be neutral?

Peter Torkildsen is supposed to step down in January and he should, if not sooner. The rest of the so called staff need to hand in their resignations along with the State Committee. It time for a CLEAN SWEEP. I also call for the resignation of Cynthia Stead the State Committee woman for the Cape and Islands.

What we need in the State Republican Party is real leaders. Leadership that will stand up to the Kennedys every time they open their fat mouths. Stand up to Kerry every time he babbles in front of a camera. Leadership that will back Republicans who are in office, or running for office, and last but not least, attack Democrats on every move they make especially Give All Deval and the Democratic State Legislative.

        We need Leadership that will attract the real workers (Joe the Plumbers) here in the state to the Party. You can’t do this if you are having fund raisers at $1,000.00 dollars a ticket to hear some big Republican speak.

The State GOP needs to change what the Socialists Democrats, with the help of the media, have done to the perception that being a Republican is for the Rich and is Bad.  

Yes! It Time for a Leadership Change in the Massachusetts Republican Party!! It time to Fight, Fight back against the new Socialists Democratic Party. Fight for what a Republican really is!!!  

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