2012 Poll

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Yes, it’s so early this might be annoying, but I’m curious as to what people think as of today looking ahead to 2012.

The poll is who you think it should be, not who you think it will be.

My 2 cents of analysis… feel free to disagree… or add your own favorite candidate.

1) Sarah Palin  

Pros: Did a great job rallying the base.  Should be able to fund raise well.  Most popular Governor in America.

Cons:  Katie Couric interview.  McCain Staffer rumors.  SNL caricatured negatively.

2) Mitt Romney

Pros: 2008 runner-up.  Stays on message well.  Clean image.  Doesn’t “make mistakes.”

Cons: Spent McCain into the ground and won only 3 primaries.  Not Relate-able.  Flip-Flops.

3) Mike Huckabee

Pros: Like-able and Funny.  Thinks well on his feet.  Great $/delegate in ’08.

Cons:  Supported Higher Taxes.  Regional support only.

4) Bobby Jindal

Pros:  Popular.  Intelligent.  Conservative.

Cons:  Untested in a National Election.

5) David Petraeus

Pros:  Foreign Policy & Military Heavyweight.  Universally known and respected.

Cons:  Do we know where he stands on any Domestic policy?  Or if he can campaign?  Or debate?  Will he still be in the military?

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