Well, I got my little alter and candles all set up by the teevee, a little host and wine, and I’m ready for my spiritual awakening…

Twelve minutes in, and he hasn’t explained how he’s going to do one single thing.

EEK! Coupe Deval: “He’s a problem solver who thinks big”

Any examples of big thinkin’ solved problems, Guv?

“I’m gonna fix this, I’m gonna fix that.”

Bromides. Pablum. Rhetoric.

Fourteen minutes in, lady complains about food prices. No solutions by Obama

Seventeen minutes in… more promises, nooo plans…

Seven minutes to go… WHERE’S THE BEEF?

Tick tick tick…

It’s 8:26 pm. Do you know where your ideas are???

Finally some truth! at 8:27 pm “I will not be a perfect President”

Ahhh, now the live show….

Ummm That’s It?

Wow, I was, like, just gettin’ into it…

$5M. Was it worth it?

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