Worcester Telegram and Gazette endorses Steven Levy.

(Wonders will never cease.  This is wholly unexpected.  But well deserved. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)


In the Middlesex & Worcester District, Republican Steven L. Levy, a Marlboro city councilor and professional accountant who has helped guide the city to fiscal stability in recent years, offers valuable skills in fiscally troubled times. His commitment to protecting local aid, keeping budgets in check and electing “more accountants and fewer lawyers” make him a promising choice.


They also endorsed Republicans

Arthur Vigeant 4th Middlesex (open-D)

Dan Haley 8th Middlesex (open-R)

Sonny Parente 3rd Middlesex (open-D)

Paul K. Frost 8th Worcester (inc)

And Democrats

Paul Kujawski 7th Worcester (inc)

Geraldo Alicea 6th Worcester (inc)

Anne M. Gobi 5th Worcester (inc)

Jen Benson 37th Middlesex (open-D)

Michael O. Moore 2nd Worcester, Senate, (open-D)

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