Vote No On 1 Union Cabal releases new ad that frightens old people

The government employee unions propping up the Vote No on 1 cabal have finally produced a decent television ad that doesn’t feature evaporating firefighters, disappearing cops, or vanishing teachers.

This ad, called Struggle, is designed to scare the shit out of Grandma & Grandpa with rising bar graphs that say HIGHER! PROPERTY! TAXES! It features the same stock video of hot teachers, hunky firefighters, adorable families, and a random shot of a carpenter from a ridiculous angle.

Hey, when you have over $5 million in Big Labor donations you think you could come up with more creative stock footage? Hey Peter Meade, Anne Wass and Steve Crawfish here is some advice: in future ads you should consider featuring a state trooper sleeping in his cruiser on the Mass Pike, a bodybuilding firefighter out on disability, and guys manning a drawbridge having a cookout while other dudes steal the iron and copper off it.

Ya know, real government employees?  

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