The world according to Biden- Lies, revising history and other spoofs of Biden in Veep debate

Senator Biden also revised history, mispronounced and erred a number of times and yet the CNN analysts saw “the performance of his life” (David Gergen). In fact, the media over at CNN was so unfair and pro-Obama/Biden that they assumed Biden didn’t correct a mispronunciation of Palin’s. Governor Palin mistakenly referred to the US Army General in charge of the Afghanistan theatre as McClellan when in fact his name is McKiernan. My jaw hit the floor when I listened to the pundits suggest that Senator Biden didn’t correct her because he was too much of a gentleman. What?!

How can they assume that when Biden referred to Bosnians as Bosniaks?! *(I thought he meant the Brian Bosworth Fan Club) How can they assume that Joe Biden, the five term US Senator knew McKiernan’s name when he patronized Palin and the audience as he arrogantly informed where the proper role of the Vice President is found in the US Constitution; Article I. Woops….hey Joe it is found in ARTICLE II where the Executive Branch is covered.…

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