The winners and losers of the 2008 POTUS election

It now seems apparent that Barack Obama is indeed going to be our next President.  The latest tracking polls have him up by about 10 points and John McCain seems unable to mount a strong finish as we enter the final days.  (If ever we needed an October surprise – now is the time) I would offer my congratulations to Obama, but I have too many reservations about how the election will be won.  ACORN has fueled the opportunity for great voter fraud by registering literally hundreds of thousands of non-existent or illegal voters.  Add to this that Barack Obama has raised unequaled sums of money from sources he will not name.  It seems that Barack Obama is the Rosie Ruiz of the 2008 election race.

As a middle class white guy with a strong work history and traditional family values – I lose in this election.  Obama’s promise of tax refunds for millions that never paid taxes in the first place leaves me empty handed.  His history of associating with an angry black theology Minister and with a domestic terrorist leaves me speechless and afraid.  His blind support from the farthest left end of the political spectrum is apocalyptic in nature.  The MSM refuses to ask him revealing questions and any criticism of his ever-so brief experience or personal beliefs is labeled racist.  If nothing else Bob the Plumber demonstrates that working class white guys can forget about getting a break from this administration.

I am not the only loser in this race.  What about the women in our communities?  Early in this race they felt empowered by Hillary Clinton’s enormously powerful run, only to be swift-boated by accusations that her campaign is racist and she is out of touch.  Hillary had worked tirelessly to become the single most powerful female political figure in the United States.  Regardless, she was pushed aside like yesterday’s rubbish by the very political party that she helped revive.  What happened to Democrats fighting for women?  Women once again had their hopes swell with the nomination of Sarah Palin from Alaska as the GOP Vice President.  Quickly the Obama camp mocked her traditional values, folksy attitude and failure to support abortion rights.  Recently, the MSM has published stories of her spending amounts on apparel for her campaign run.  In other words, women are nothing but little spenders that can’t resist shopping even while they run on a Presidential ticket.  Women should be incredibly embarrassed that an article questioning her apparel expenditures should be brought up in this race.  That MSM article alone has sent women back 50 years in their valiant climb up through the glass ceiling.

What about black Americans?  Do they win or lose in this race?  I think they lose.  In stunning percentages black Americans have come out to support a man with too little experience, even by his own admission.  Black Americans are supporting this man with little or no understanding of where he stands on the issues as was demonstrated by the Howard Stern audio posted on this RMG website.  They are voting for him because of his skin color – pure and simple.  This demeans the true value of the black vote when it is allowed to be discounted simply for the color of someone’s skin.  Black Americans have real needs, opportunities and issues just as all other Americans do, but if they allow their vote to be swayed for the sake of skin color then they have allowed themselves to be devalued once again.

Another concern with Black Americans and this vote is that I truly believe Obama will fail as a President.  It will be devastating if the first black President is a failure because it will cause concern with nominating a black man in the future.  Obama will always be the guy people refer to when future black Americans rise to the occasion.  If I were a black American I would be waiting for a black man or woman that truly is deserving of my vote.

How about the economy – loser.  Barack Obama’s economic initiatives will cripple a now limping economy.  Taxing companies and placing additional social burdens on them will only water down profits and cause a continued slump on Wall Street.  Say goodbye to your retirement plan and the children’s school savings fund if that is the case.  Though I can’t say that McCain’s plans are much better at least I know John McCain has a record of being a fighter of earmarks and not a supporter of earmarks.

So who does win in this crazy race?  Well, first of all Barack Obama.  Obama stands to go down in the history books as the first black President.  Libraries will be filled with volumes of his life story and insurmountable odds complete with tales of how this noble gentleman was battled by a bitter and angry white GOP.  If anyone thinks the issue of race will finally see some closure they are sadly mistaken.  I am not sure what will hurt race relations more – Obama’s winning or losing?

At the very least our own national image will be the loser.  Obama has been raised in an environment of hatred toward mainstream American institutions.  Government is bad – that’s why he is running on the idea of change.  White people are bad – that’s why he sat in Reverend Wright’s church for 20 years.  The military is bad – that’s why he befriended Bill Ayers who himself worked to blow up government buildings and once planned to bomb a dance hall filled with enlisted men.  “I wish I could have blown up more” is Bill Ayer’s sentiment on his past activities.  Obama feels we need to be more like Europe and more agreeable to the United Nations.  We need to shed this ugly identity we call capitalism and liberty and be more socialist and in touch, just like the flailing, borderless nations of Western Europe.  That is what will make him happy.  That is the change we can look forward to.

The only other winners – radical left activists.  Once Obama is in office he has every intention of making good on quid-pro-quos from a lengthy presidential election.  Planned Parenthood and ACORN will be regular members of his roundtable meetings.  The Presidents of Syria, Iran and North Korea will have greater access to political influence.  The United Nations will have the key to the ATM they call the United States.  There will be winners I assure you, but it won’t be me and anyone like me.  

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