The House Stinks

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Right now Sal DiMasi’s lawyers are in Suffolk Superior Court asking a court to let him keep his records out of the reach of the Sate Ethics Commission. Cognos related.

Will the Ethics Commission want Bobby DeLeo’s schedule too? He met with Cognos officials.

Big Deal. Right? Yes and know.

On paper Sal has done nothing wrong. Neither has DeLeo.  But the stink, which never goes too far, that has gathered around the current House of Representatives is so strong it demands a complete fumigation. 2008 is a watershed year, like 1974 and later Newt Gingrich revolution.

It does not get any slimier then self- styled altar boy Johnny Rogers using campaign money to buy a Cape house. His explanatory letter to the members was pathetic

What’s worse is the other candidate for speaker is Tommy Petro’s puppet. The last one Petro had, Mariano, was dropped like Bob Gamere when he realized Quincy ain’t Boston. Or at least Suffolk County. And Banks and Banking Chair ain’t Ways and Means Chair.

Question. Why would citizens show the House of Representatives respect when its members piss all over it?

Will the Republicans in the House become kingmakers again?

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