Teflon Frank: Massachusetts loves incompetence.

In Massachusetts incompetence is raised to an art form. (See the Big Dig). No disaster is too large to dislodge a liberal Democrat. It’s amazing that people buy into this narrative — they find ways to blame Republicans. In other states this would be called denial; in the Bay State it’s an article of faith.

A firebrand of the left, admired for his scathing wit and tenacious partisanship, Frank has enjoyed unquestioned popularity in his sprawling district, from affluent Newton to working-class New Bedford, where his status as a scourge of conservatives is a badge of honor.

Now Frank, the chairman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee who has emerged as one of the leading figures in the push for a massive Wall Street bailout, faces criticism from the left and the right alike for leading the charge for a $700 billion rescue plan of the nation’s ailing financial markets. Frank also faces opposition for his seat, as Republican Earl H. Sholley of Norfolk is challenging him.

Most of those interviewed acknowledged that the financial mess is too vast and complex for a single culprit, and that causes are not clear-cut. Many did not have strong opinions of Frank’s role.

But nearly everyone held strong opinions about the bailout, which suffered a stunning defeat in the House Monday amid dwindling public support.

Most, even steadfast Frank supporters, said they had doubts about their representative’s aggressive backing of the colossal plan, which many saw as a boondoggle for wealthy corporations at taxpayer expense. Frank, some said, was sent to Washington to fight for working people, not the fat cats.

In an unsettling reversal, people who had long identified with and defended the liberal icon in times of crisis found themselves squarely opposed to perhaps the most pivotal political decision of his career.

“I feel the companies should bail themselves out,” said Nathaniel Wilson, a 29-year-old administrator in a Newton law firm. “With businesses, there’s always a chance of failure, and they should have had a backup plan.”

Perhaps it is time for the paltry opposition (conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists) in Massachusetts to withdraw from public life and let the one party monopolists continue their road to ruin. Hard as it is to believe maybe they will leave us alone.

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