Sue Marsh gets it right for Rosie’s Place UPDATED!

I have no doubt that Sue Marsh, the executive director of Rosie’s Place, is a compassionate liberal who would take issue with a lot of our opinions on current policies. But Sandra Bernhard’s ugly racist smearing of Sarah Palin was too much and too high a price to pay on matters of principle. Bernhard was scheduled to be the “marquee speaker” at an upcoming fundraiser for the battered women’s shelter. After learning about the utterly crude remarks through an email Marsh took action. She ditched the program. Good for her. It’s probably always a good time to write a check for the shelter. This wise move is a great incentive. To donate go here:…

A Boston shelter for homeless women has dropped controversial comedian Sandra Bernhard as the marquee speaker at its annual fund-raising event because of her “gang rape” joke about Sarah Palin.

Sue Marsh, executive director of Rosie’s Place, said today that she learned of Bernhard’s remarks yesterday after getting an e-mail about them.

“We were horrified so we decided that we wouldn’t have her at our event,” Marsh said.

Bernhard said during a comedy routine last month that Palin, John McCain’s GOP running mate, would be “gang-raped” by blacks if she came to Manhattan.

Bernhard was billed as this year’s special guest for the 9th annual Funny Women, Serious Business to benefit Rosie’s Place.

Marsh said the Oct. 16 event at the Hynes Convention Center will still go on as planned but a replacement for Bernhard hasn’t been tapped.

One more question, an ad in the Herald today highlighted the fact that several local television personalities were on board with the event. Why didn’t they speak out earlier? The criticism and ridiculing of Palin has gone beyond the pale, particularly since such “vetting” of Obama-Biden fails to take place.

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Apparently Susan Wornick got wind of Bernhard’s racist comments and raised a stink.

“I got an e-mail [Tuesday] from a viewer,” event emcee and Channel 5 anchor Susan Wornick told us yesterday. “She was appalled that Rosie’s Place and I would be associated with Sandra Bernhard after she said these things. I couldn’t believe she said it. It was racist and sexist and wrong.” Wornick immediately rang up Rosie’s Place executive director Sue Marsh, who was already on the case. “We were horrified,” Marsh said. “It’s not a good match given the comment she made and the work that we do.”

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