South End liberal supporting Question 1

Well on the day that Weld supports Barry O, this comes from out the blue, as in blue South End. Shirley Kressel is on fire!

We are told that Q1 is risky. We hear that our state credit rating could fall, making it hard to fund state capital needs. One local observer fears it might even have unintended ripple effects, potentially endangering the government credit system at large. We hear that local aid will be cut, and local property taxes will go up. Well, not in Boston. Our property taxes are at the maximum allowed by law. (And Boston’s government WFA is a scandal in its own right.) We hear that the most urgently needed human and infrastructure services will suffer most. Well, that’s the point. These needs are at the bottom of the legislature’s priority list. Not every legislator’s list, but this legislature as a whole. And that will be true no matter how much we give them in taxes: genuine public services will get crumbs. So we have to send a message that we’re not going to tolerate this outrageous misuse of our money any longer. But, we’re told if we want to send a message, do it another way. I think we’ve tried to do it another way. In 2000, we voted for a binding initiative to roll back the state income tax over three years from 5.75 percent to 5 percent, the rate before the 1989 tax hike. In June 2002, the Legislature decided to freeze the rate at the current 5.3 percent. That November, 46 percent of the voters supported repeal of the state income tax altogether. That was ignored.

A pleasant surprise.

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