Republicans offer exciting slate of candidates this year…

The Standard-Times, New Bedford, MA.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

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YOUR VIEW: Republicans offer exciting slate of candidates this year


Brock N. Cordeiro is Republican state committeeman for the Second Bristol and Plymouth State Senate District. He is also Bristol County coordinator for the McCain-Palin campaign. He lives in Dartmouth.

October 09, 2008 6:00 AM

With election day just about a month away, these are exciting times to be a Republican! Our committee members have been electrified, and there is a deluge of fresh faces and new blood coming out for activism. Both a new chapter of the SouthCoast Young Republicans and a Dartmouth High School Teenage Republican club have been established.

The days have flown by, but the SouthCoast Republicans have made the most of them and are proud to do our part to elect a great slate of Republican candidates. The UMass Dartmouth College Republicans and the New Bedford Republican City Committee have continued in the spirit of hosting public events by holding a vice presidential debate-watching party.

At the top of the ticket we have the exciting team of Sen. John McCain for president and Gov. Sarah Palin for vice president ( September’s GOP National Convention has provided a torrent of eager volunteers for our twice-per-week phone banks generating thousands of calls.

John McCain will bring a lifetime of tireless and selfless public service and wealth of experience to the Oval Office. Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air who has a proven track record of executive experience. McCain-Palin is a team that puts country first with a record of reform.

Jeff Beatty for United States Senate ( began the activist surge over a year and a half ago when he announced his exploratory committee. I’m proud to have supported him since Day 1, to have endorsed him during the primary season, and to call him a friend. I am convinced that Jeff Beatty, who has an impeccable background of personal service to our country, will be an excellent addition to our Washington delegation who will truly be a servant of the people.

Earl Sholley for United States representative ( is a tireless advocate for a truly representative democracy that is responsive and responsible to the will of the people.

Bob Heroux for register of probate ( is an attorney who brings a lifetime of experience and deep desire to reform Bristol County in order to make the people’s experience with the office a positive change.

For those of us in the SouthCoast who happen to live in the Seventh Bristol State House District of Fall River, we have the exciting opportunity to vote for C.J. Ferry for state representative ( Mr. Ferry is a truly courageous, experienced voice of the people who is not afraid to stand up to the establishment in order to reform a broken system.

These are indeed both exciting and vitally important times to be a SouthCoast Republican. Our candidates are no strangers to the SouthCoast. The latest example was in late August when Jeff Beatty, Earl Sholley, Bob Heroux and C.J. Ferry were guests at the annual Dartmouth Backyard BBQ.

In fact, just last week Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson and Massachusetts for McCain-Palin Co-Chair Jean Inman sponsored holes at a charity golf tournament to benefit Children’s Hospital Boston (which tragically has thousands of annual SouthCoast encounters) while former Congressman and current Massachusetts Republican State Committee Chairman Peter Torkildsen played.

The Massachusetts Republican Party ( cares about the SouthCoast and works tirelessly to bring us vital reform and full representation. The MassGOP stands for lower taxes, limited government and personal responsibility. I am convinced that these core values are deeply shared by those here in the SouthCoast.

The doors of the aforementioned campaigns are open to all unenrolled independent voters and disaffected Democrats. We seek not to be partisan but rather to put region, commonwealth and country first to elect real reformers with results. If anyone would like to become involved with any of our candidates or Republican municipal committees, please feel free to contact me, as we would love to have you on our team.

You can always follow our activity at and contact us through the official Web site of the Second Bristol and Plymouth Republican State Senate District at…

PS – The same opinion piece was published in yesterday’s edition of The Chronicle, the Dartmouth & Westport weekly, and may appear in other SouthCoast papers in the near future.

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