Ratings out for Messiah Infomerical; Ginsu Knives not featured

OBAMA!’s infomercial received a 21.7 rating. That means 21.7% of American households with tvs on were watching stories about how OBAMA! will lift us all out of crushing poverty and misery.

OBAMA! promised a bunch of crazy things FOR FREE to a bunch of stereotypical down on your luck cases who see the Federal Guvment as their only hope! Might as well taken R2D2 projecting Stereotypical-Princess-Down-On-Their-Luck-Character and had them say “Help me Barack OBAMA! You’re my only Hope & Changeeee”

His ad just need more Joe-The-Plumber and less unicorn nonsense. Maybe some Ginsu knives would’ve helped…

“I am going to cut taxes with these brand new Ginsu knives, which can be yours for only five easy payments of $19.95…of course if you’re on welfare or food stamps we’ll give them to you for FREEEEEEEE!!!!”

Spread that wealth around OBAMA!  

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