Queen Pelosi summons back the Congessional buffoons

to begin the giveaway. http://apnews.myway.com/articl…

The liberal elite are already installing the Messiah in the oval office as Queen Pelosi prepares for the coming “one party” system . Those of us here in the People’s Republik of Massholechusetts already know how a one party system works… a friggin disaster.

The liberal dem giveaway will mean Chinese made big screen TVs for all!  Free mortgages! Free college!  Hell it’s only going to cost another $150,000,000,000 that we don’t have. Aw that’s an easy one… just crank up the printing presses!  Actually Massholechusetts will benefit as the Dalton Co of Massholechusetts supplies the paper for our ever worthless currency.

Stand by for inflation like you won’t believe! Could surpass the Carter fiasco.

 Look for the dollar to be about as worthless as a box of Kleenex

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