Predictions of/for an Obama Presidency

Sadly, I must admit that an Obama Presidency now seems evident.  Though I am happy that African Americans will have their chance to shine I am afraid they are putting their full faith in a man that has a highly questionable agenda.  Obama’s associations with Ayers, Wright, Rezko and others raise red flags that can not be ignored.  I think Obama has plans contrary to the populist slogans he has been espousing, and that scares me – a lot.

Conspiracy theory aside, this country stands at a watershed moment in history.  We are a nation involved in an unpopular war; our stock markets have lost trillions of dollars, government is both corrupt and lacking in answers, jobs are being lost and savings accounts are being drained.  Yet, we are told by the sitting President not to worry and the ingenuity of the American people will keep our nation alive.  In other words, Bush is asking to push the “Easy” button.  Why not, he is the most unpopular lame duck President in American history.

Through it all the two major political parties seem content to simply point a finger at the other guys.  Obama ties McCain to Bush, and in turn McCain ties Obama to big spending bureaucrats.  All the while, American people lose their retirement savings, college funds and peace of mind.  Our Republican President and the Democrat Congress are the most unpopular in history and it is obvious in both the polls and the stock market.  We simply have NO faith in either major political party.  Yet, the MSM refuses to allow any of the third party candidates even a minute’s worth of face time with the voters.

Worst of all, I think the hardest days are ahead of us.  Just yesterday I heard a word that I have not heard applied to economic conditions in my lifetime – Depression.  The global economy is tanking and each day brings new recent lows to our investment world.  The Congressional “bailout” is having no positive effect on our markets, and why should it?  The mindset on Wall Street hasn’t changed any.  Yesterday’s news brings reports that AIG executives celebrated their $83 billion bailout with a party at a $1,000 per night resort for its top executives.  The total cost for this party – a half a million dollars.  Let me guess – one of the candidates is going to write a letter.   Ooooh, watch out!

I predict that an Obama presidency will be disastrous.  Certainly the mess will be largely inherited, but his claims of taxing capital gains are driving the markets down already.  His claim of holding or lowering taxes for 95 percent of taxpayers while spending an additional trillion dollars simply doesn’t add up.  People – Barack Obama is a liar.  Obama’s foreign policy is silly.  He believes we can step back and just forget about the mess that now exists in the Middle East.  His claim of cutting spending by $10 billion per month due to the withdrawal of forces is wrong – we still have to pay, feed, equip and mobilize those soldiers.  His desire to be a ‘citizen of the world’ is not an obligation I care to share.  Many Americans are wondering if they should remain a citizen of the US, much less the whole world.  But, his attitude is that we are beholden to the poor and hopeless around the world and we, as Americans, are required to feed them, clothe them, protect them, employ them and offer them medical care and every other necessity of life.  You know something Barack – I realize you have family that lives in Kenya in a mud hut, but my family is here and I have no interest in sharing what little money I have left with your brother.  That is your responsibility.

My friends, we reap what we sow.  The American voter is more concerned with Britany Spears and “Dancing with the stars” than they are with finding and promoting true American statesmen.  We share a lot of the blame for this mess.  I intend to vote for neither of the two clowns that debated last night.  I intend to send a message – small as it is that I am sick of the crap that goes on in Washington.  I am casting a vote for a third party candidate – probably Chuck Baldwin.  If it causes Barack Obama to win then so be it.  I am sure that somewhere not to far away there is a like minded individual that thinks the same of voting for Ralph Nader.  So we will cancel each other out.  I can live with that.  What I can’t live with is supporting two men who are liars, phonies and frauds and represent the apathy and malaise in the two party system.

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