Obama Campaign Meets with “Controversial Muslim Activists”


By Jim Popkin, NBC News Senior Investigative Producer

The Obama campaign’s Muslim outreach director participated in a meeting in mid September that was attended by several controversial Muslim activists, NBC News has learned. The Obama campaign now concedes that was a misjudgment, and that its top Muslim staffer would not have attended the meeting if she had known the full participant list beforehand.

“Would a campaign staffer have attended if they were aware of the complete list of attendees? No,” said Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt in an email statement to NBC.

The Muslim outreach meeting

On September 15, newly named Muslim outreach director Minha Husaini spoke to a small group of Muslim leaders and potential Obama supporters at a hotel in Springfield, Virginia, several meeting participants and the campaign said. Two other Obama-affiliated Democratic Party workers joined Husaini and also spoke to the crowd. Some Virginia and Washington, D.C.-based Muslim activists and interested citizens attended, and flyers were passed out from “Arab Americans for Obama” stating Sen. Obama’s goals for achieving peace in the Middle East, protecting the civil liberties of Arab Americans and ending the war in Iraq.

Several participants told NBC News that Husaini and other speakers delivered a standard Obama campaign pitch. “They said, ‘We’re here to get the concerns of Muslim voters and let everyone know that the Obama campaign does want the support of the Muslim community,’ ” recalled one participant, who requested anonymity. The meeting was not advertised and some attendees got text phone messages notifying them that day of the meeting’s location, the participant said.

Nearly a month later, the meeting is drawing controversy–and not because of anything said at the meeting itself.

The link here is from MSNBC.  That’s right MSNBC.  While it was buried, you know they aren’t exactly an anti-Obama bunch of right wingers.  If MSNBC is spinning the people there as “controversial Muslim activists” I wonder who they were and how much they hate America.  Just like Bill Ayer is “some guy who lives in his neighborhood” this is likely not the whole story.

The Obama campaign admits to the story.  In the past Obama has spoken at pro Palestinian fund raisers.  The question is not “what don’t we know about this guy?”  The issue is what we do.  He is a radical left winger with a smile.

How would the liberal media establishment respond if John McCain was converted to Christianity by a racist pastor in a racist church?  If Obama sat in the pew for decades while someone preached “White theology?”  Obama gets a pass as they apologize for Wright.

How would the liberal media establishment respond if John McCain had his political carrer started and financially backed by abortion clinic bombers?  Obama and Ayers get excused and dismissed.

How would the liberal media establishment respond if a right wing organization was already committing massive voter fraud in every swing state?  What if the McCain campaign had given the group nearly a million dollars out of his campaign fund?  What if McCain used to work for them?  Obama and ACORN is standard operating procedure for the left.

How would the liberal media establishment respond if John McCain had a secret meeting with the KKK?  Obama and radical muslims get burried.

Wright.  Ayers.  Acorn.  Radical Muslims.  This is who Obama is.

Of course, John McCain would never do any of those things.  No decent human being would.

POW.  Hero.  Patriot.  American.  This is who John McCain is.

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