More Proof of the Obama fraud birth cerificate

Obama certificate may be exposed by its own “political correctness”

Specifically, the race of his father as stated on the cerificate (1961), is AFRICAN.

This a term that DID NOT replace the then “correct ” term of NEGRO until the late 1960s/early 70s.

How can this be?

Now we see Obama rushing off to Hawaii to see his ailing grandmother or could another part of this sudden trip be because of this…

an appeal to  the Hawaii Supreme Court to make Obama’s ORIGINAL certificate available for scrutiny and proof of his legitinmacy to qualify as POTUS. It would  be nice to know if he bought any army of Obamoid lawyers with him but the MSM is avoiding ANY mention of this birth cerificate controversy like the plague

This whole fraud is yet another Obama scam in the making… stay tuned

Obama has been dancing around this issue for over 20 months. It’s time we got a straight answer from this con man. He could release his certificate and put all this to rest. Why doesn’t he do that?

Also his one page “health record”  he released from some doctor who stated he’s in good health is also bullshit. What’s he afraid of? Perhaps that he was a heroin addict in Hawaii? a drug addict ?

This guy is scary , secretive ,vicious and full os s–t  and the MSM gives him a total pass…friggin incredible!

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