Mitt: 2012 run unlikely, focused on McCain/Palin…blah, blah, blah, whatever

Are we seriously starting to talk about the 2012 election alrady? I think I might throw myself off a bridge. STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!

Former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney says it’s “unlikely” he’ll make another presidential run in four years, and remains focused on giving Sen. John McCain and other GOP candidates a push in the final days of the election.

“Gov. Romney had his shot at the White House, and he lost fair and square,” Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said. “That opportunity is unlikely to come along again. Gov. Romney is pouring all his energy into electing McCain-Palin and other Republicans, and that has been his single focus since leaving the presidential race.”

Ya, ok Mitt, whatever you say.  

If he is serious and doesn’t run in 2012 who would be the leading establishment conservative candidate? Palin? Jindal? Bueller…Bueller?  

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