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  • not say it better myself.  These cops should be on permanent suspension for purposely endangering the public.

    Which brings me to my police detail gripe of the day:

    I drive across the Longfellow bridge every morning.  From the Cambridge side, the left lane closes as you get to the bridge.  There have been in place hundreds of those orange reflector barrels that mark the closure of the lane for the length of the bridge.  Just passed the start of the barrels is one of those generator-powered big lit-up arrow signs pointing traffic into the other lane.

    This lane’s been closed for months with no problems and no police detail.

    This VERY morning…the lit-up arrow sign was moved 10-15 feet further up the bridge so a State trooper cruiser could sit with its lights on……on the other side of the barrels……reading the newspaper…for whatever exhorbitant pay he’s making….so that the blind idiot that shouldn’t have a driver’s license and doesn’t see the blaze-orange reflector barrels and the 6 foot blinking arrow sign…..can plow into the back of the cruiser, injur the trooper and damage state property.