Mass Ballot Questions: Yes, Yes, No

To echo David’s comments over at the other side, I don’t think us editors are going to agree on the ballot questions here at RMG so here are my endorsements for the ballot questions and they way I have already voted absentee.

Yes on One

It is time to starve the collective beast on beacon hill of their lifeblood, your money.  The legislature and Governor have grown addicted to your money to increase government programs.  Over the last two years Deval Patrick has added 2000 jobs to the state payroll then had the balls to tell us that we faced dire cuts in 1000 of those jobs.  Dianne Wilkerson is the poster child for the corruption rampant on Beacon Hill.  It is time to send them a message and take out $12B from the state coffers.

Don’t let the No on One folks like the Angelic One and(update: while the Angelic One does not support Q1, he never lumped NH tax rates like John Kerry, sorry for the lumping togther) Senator Kerry scare you with tales of New Hampshire like property taxes.  First Prop 2 1/2 is still in existence secondly let’s look at NH’s tax burden shall we and compare it to Massachusetts’ tax burden.   according to the Tax Foundation New Hampshire’s total local and state tax burden is about 7.6% of per capita income or $3642 per resident.  Massachusetts’ is 9.7% of per capita income or $5377.  Get to NH levels. Damn straight let’s go full steam ahead.

Yes on Two

It’s time to treat adults like adults.  Whatever an adult wants to do to their body that doesn’t directly affect another person is OK with me.  That includes toking up.  I don’t toke, but if you do who am I to judge you?  

Now before our differently winged friend from Washington State goes all nutty on me, Abortion is different. It affects another living human being, the so called “fetus” isn’t your body, it’s your baby’s.

No on Three

And their off…  Massachusetts has a racing commission that protects dogs.  Greyhounds are bred to chase animals, it’s what they do.  Doing so in a circle is not cruel and inhumane treatment, it’s allowing nature to take it’s course.  Have you ever seen a Dachsund near a rodent?  Their badger hunting predisposition comes out and they attack.  The same thing is at play here.  Let the dogs race.

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