MA-GOP Still Pimping MFI’s Homo-hate via Churches

Just got an email from Brion Cangiamila operative Helen (Helen Hatch, MA-GOP State Committeewoman) encouraging recipients to distribute Massachusetts Family Institute’s voter guide at church.  Guess what it features as its number one issue?

Should legislators vote YES to allow Mass. citizens to vote on a Constitutional Amendment that would define future marriages as between one man and one woman?

Surprise, surprise.  I’ve gotten a lot of protests here at RMG that the MA-GOP isn’t actively supporting homophobia and had nothing to do with the anti-equality marriage amendment.  But when one of their major candidates actively uses materials created by MFI and disseminates them via MFI’s well-worn church network with the aid of the MA-GOP State Committee, I find the protests weak in the extreme.  And you wonder why the GOP can’t get traction in MA.

The pertinent part of the email and the rest of the questions in the MA-GOP/MFI voter guide for churches below the fold. (I have a pdf of the voter guide, but no way to post it…)

Here’s Helen’s email

Voter Guides

Sent By:  

On: Oct 10/26/08 10:03 PM

2008 Gen. Sen M…Voter Guide.pdf (87.1 KB, download)

Hello Everyone,

…We also have Voter Guides that we want to deliver to churches across the district this weekend.  I have attached a copy for you to review.  We have a list of churches to share with you for your town or you can put them out at your own church.  All I ask is that you help out at

some church and that you let me know which one(s) so I can plan for others.  This Voter Guide is very important as it highlights the very

real differences between our candidate and the opponent.  You can put as much or as little work/effort into this as you want.  One church,

one mass, or more.  This is a very important outreach effort.  Please send this voter guide to everyone you know and if you can join us in

spreading them at churches please let me know.

Sincerely, Helen

And here are the issues raised in the MA-GOP/MFI voter guide.



Election Day is November 4, 2008

1. Should legislators vote YES to allow Mass. citizens to vote on a Constitutional Amendment that would define future marriages as between one man and one woman?

2. Should the state mandate the new vaccine for Human Papilloma Virus, which is a sexually transmitted disease, for girls as young as 9 without parental approval?

3. Since there have been recent scientific breakthroughs enabling the creation of embryonic-like stem cells without creating, destroying or cloning human embryos, should

the state ban all human cloning?

4. Would you oppose any legislation that potentially spends taxpayer dollars on the destruction of human embryos for research?

5. Should legalized gambling be expanded?

6. Should sex education be optional so that parents can decide when and how their own children should be taught about sex?

7. Should minors be taught abstinence in public schools, that is, how to set limits and maintain affectionate relationships without sexual involvement?

8. Should school options be expanded by any of the following means: vouchers, education tax credits or deductions for parents with children in private schools, or by expanding the number of charter schools?

9. Should the Massachusetts income tax rate immediately be reduced to 5%, as was passed by the voters in 2000?

10. Should children of illegal aliens be given the same lower tuition rate for state colleges as legal Massachusetts residents?

* Candidate positions are from voting records, questionnaires, public statements, and other sources. Nothing in this guide is to be construed as an endorsement of any candidate. Prepared according to IRS guidelines for distribution by 501(c)3 non-profits and churches.  Massachusetts Family Institute.

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