Larry Rasky, Scott Brown, Barney Keller, Jason Wolf, Dan Conley

The most powerful person in Boston after Tuesday will be Larry Rasky, the PR political fixer who runs a nice local shop with Joe Baerlein, the Pixie Palladino of Harbor Towers. Larry is as close to Joe Biden as one can get. And he has been for many many years. And he’s not a bad guy.

So all you Republican – and Democrats – lords of industry and finance out there who have been paying the people who the Bushies say to pay on K Street and other places should do themselves a favor and write Rasky a retainer check now. Get in early.


The Boston Housing Authority should be slapped for publicly commenting on Barack’s aunt being a tenant. What jerks. Privacy standards go out the window when TV cameras show up.


I heard Scott “nice house nobody home” Brown on the radio yesterday talking about Wilkerson and Marzilli and Spellane and Rogers others in trouble, and saying it is a Democrat thing.

Unlike the Republican tools in the governors’ office who allowed the Big Dig to be run by the mob? Ronald MacKenzie was a Republican. Henri Rauschenbach was too. Although acquitted.

But that’s not my point. Why do you, the Republicans, use a frat boy strategy to turn your party around? It’s sad to see the usual crap you turn to. Why don’t you get some adults to run your party. Maybe a lawyer? And stop throwing mud.

You have 20 some odd Democrats in the legislature who are endorsed my Mass Alliance. Mass Alliance is a 22 member political coalition that includes the Democratic Socialists of America. Mass Alliance only endorses those that request it and “share in all their values”. Teachers’ unions are members. That’s why they are against competition. No merit pay.  No MCAS. – All the workers the same.

But I guess Barney Keller and all don’t think voters would be interested in that. Rather, they believe that voters will vote against Cory Atkins because Jim Marzilli has mental health issues.


Sen. Mike Morrissey, the transparent oaf that he is, showed real, et hum, leadership by running to the press and taking the lead in ousting Wilkerson.


Boston radio really sucks. I now believe Jason Wolf’s role is to keep WRKO down because WEEI needs huge numbers and RKO takes from their listeners.

Howie Carr is marginal and gets ratings by default. Finneran’s show has no entertainment value.  Wolfe knows radio and understands a few little tweaks can do a lot. But he lets them flounder.

Then not only does he run infomercials on weekends he runs the worst ever infomercial on Saturday mornings up against the WEEI show promoting its blog. The local infomercial is worth listening to, for 30 seconds only, because the guy is so boring you think it’s a put on. WEEI has pumped $$$ into the blog as it cut back other places.

I guess WRKO is a loss leader necessary for WEEI to thrive like it does in this market.


Bright side of Red Sox not winning World Series is that the Boston Police weren’t able to kill someone during the celebration. And Dan Conley didn’t have to sweep another homicide under the rug.

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