Jeff Beatty Urges Voters to Elect a Senator Who Will Make Massachusetts A Priority…

Beatty Urges Voters to Elect a Senator Who Will Make Massachusetts A Priority

October 31, 2008

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October 31, 2008  


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Beatty to Kerry: Don’t Treat Massachusetts as “Second Fiddle.”

Senate candidate blasts Kerry for politicking for his next job.  

Boston, MA — Amid increasing media reports that say Sen. John Kerry will likely receive a cabinet post if Barack Obama is elected president, Jeff Beatty today called upon voters to simply replace Kerry on November 4th for his continued neglect of Massachusetts. “Massachusetts deserves a Senator who puts Massachusetts first, not personal ambition or wealth.” “Voters are tired of Massachusetts being second fiddle to better personal opportunities for Kerry.”

“It’s time to replace John Kerry with one of us,” Beatty said. “Throughout this campaign, Sen. Kerry has repeatedly evaded direct questions as to whether he will refuse a position in an Obama administration if offered one, and serve his full six-year term if re-elected. Massachusetts voters now know he is once again seeking another job and taking them for granted.”

Beatty noted that while campaigning with Georgia Sen. Max Cleland this week, Cleland told a group of Massachusetts residents, “And if Obama is elected, who knows where John Kerry might wind up?”

During the candidates’ final radio debate on WTKK earlier this week, host Margery Eagan asked Kerry twice whether he would turn down a position in an Obama administration. Kerry replied, “I’m not looking for the job, I haven’t asked for the job. That’s a call I’m not expecting.” When co-host Jim Braude pressed Kerry for a more definitive answer, Kerry responded, “I don’t think you can do that about anything in life.”

Beatty noted that Kerry has spent more time in recent weeks campaigning for Barack Obama in states like Iowa and Wisconsin than he has discussing the issues affecting the people of Massachusetts. Kerry is also scheduled to campaign for Obama this weekend in New Hampshire.

“There’s a reason John F. Kerry’s Democratic colleagues say his initials stand for ‘Just for Kerry,'” Beatty said. “Apparently, staying on Barack Obama’s good side in order to land a cabinet post is more important to John Kerry then serving the citizens of Massachusetts as their senator. If that’s the case, Kerry should drop out of the Senate race now so that Massachusetts citizens can be assured of electing a senator who has no trouble pledging to put them first, and that’s me. As a former Teamster and Small Businessman and as an Army and FBI veteran, I know the challenges facing Massachusetts families and I will work to protect our families, our jobs and our country.”

“Why should Massachusetts residents waste their vote for U.S. senator on someone who’s likely to bolt for the Obama administration the first chance he gets?” Beatty continued. “If elected, I pledge to dedicate myself to serving the people’s interest, not self interests or special interests. It’s time to replace John Kerry with one of us.”


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