It’s The Terrorist, Stupid!

time bomb

William Ayers is a terrorist.

William Ayers Mugshot

He is morally kindred to terrorist Timothy McVeigh.

In fact, even a casual understanding of Weather manifestos and strategies is enough to convince the objective person that William Ayers’ clearly stated objectives are even more dangerous than those of McVeigh (now deceased).

Whereas a demented Timothy McVeigh took his revenge against the Federal Government for Waco and Ruby Ridge by way of a single horrific act of murder and mayhem, the more methodical Ayers and his comrades sought the complete breakdown of American society through violent, destructive revolution, leading inexorably to their stated goal of subjugation by a foreign power.

Fact: Barack Obama launched his political career from the living room of William Ayers.

Obviously, the two were well enough acquainted for Mr. Ayers to take an interest in furthering the career of Mr. Obama.

And obviously, Mr. Obama was comfortable enough with Mr. Ayers to accept his support.

Ayers flag stomp

Barack Obama has attended elite universities. He is considered by many to be quite intelligent.

It is certainly reasonable to assume then, that he was fully aware that Mr. Ayers is a terrorist.

This poses a conundrum. Senator Obama speaks often about judgment.

What kind of judgment is shown by a politician to associate with a man whom he knows to be a terrorist?

We are talking about the possible elevation of Sen. Obama to the most powerful position in the civilized world.

Is it not reasonable then, to demand a full accounting of the association he had with a man who plotted the violent overthrow of the very government that Mr. Obama now seeks to lead?

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