Hey Patrick

Don’t know if you’ve noticed lately but your supposedly conservative blog is being over run by an army of left wing assholes. Time to change the name to Blue Mass group II, Patrick?

We all know that you’re mr Libertarian free speech,etc but this is getting ridiculous.

Assholes like this “Red Ass Monkey assclown” are making a mockery of your site.

The “regulars” like Geo999, Vote 3rd, knight, Strawberry et al, that I , for one,enjoy reading  are getting really tired of the left wing horseshit sprayed here in the name of “free speech”.

I don’t think anyone ( like the BMG censors)is asking for account termination of invading liberal assclowns, rather an editing of their bullshit posts.

Just delete them as required.

I have not posted or read this site for  a week or so because I got tired of seeing the angry lesbian laurel’s shit all over your site or ascclown Monkey’s psychobabble splattered all over here.

Seriously, either rename your site Blue mass II or do a better job of reigning in the left wing nut bags.

Your call

Hey, this is your site. Do what you want. I for one, won’t be visiting or commenting in the midst of BMG assclown bullshit posts. I can get all of that I want to read by just going to their communist website.

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