Hate crimes:

One cannot, on private property, hang an effigy of Barack Obama without reaping the big arm of the hate crimes law and condemnation of everyone on the left…but it’s quite OK and even celebrated if one hangs an effigy of a white woman?

This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that the 1st and 14th Amendments are supposed to protect.  Well..it WAS….

I agree that one should be able to hang an effigy on their own property of whomever they friggin’ want to hang an effigy of….call it the “feel free to be a dumbass” rule.

….and yes, I want some dumb Mississippi redneck to now hang an Obama effigy in his Halloween display…just to see what would happen….to see the outrage….

….and WTF is with this


Be excellent to each other… or else.”

Didn’t know we were, like, roadies for the Wyld Stallyns….man…. (passes bong to Rufus)

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