GOP Farm Team – Support Local Candidates!

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We just launched a new micro-site, which is exclusively for our state legislative candidates. This is the farm team. Did you know that it has been 18 years since the GOP has gained seats in the Massachusetts State Legislature? Did you know that the Massachusetts legislature is 88% Democrat? We have conservatives that are running and they need your help right now with only 20 days left until Election Day.

It’s not just about “one party rule” which you will hear often when describing the problems of Beacon Hill. It’s about big government creating more laws and raising taxes on your hard earned income. The liberal elite on Beacon Hill are not concerned about your will (the voters), there priority is to quench the thirst of the special interests and left wing groups which work to undermine our philosophy of liberty and our system of limited government.

Yes, I’m biased.

I work for the GOP and am a firm believer in the core principles of the conservative movement ,  but don’t take my word for it. Joan Vennochi, of the Boston Globe, recently said that if you want to send a message to Beacon Hill, “vote Republican.”  

I’m asking you to do more than simply vote Republican. I’m asking you to exercise your influence and help shape this election locally in Massachusetts.

I need you to donate right now to our farm team to help these local Massachusetts Republicans who are boldly carrying the GOP banner to Beacon Hill.

In these  last 20 days, they need an extra push, they need a gust of wind in their sails, they need your donation of $250, $150, or even $75 right now to reverse this 18 year trend.

If you have been fortunate enough to meet any one of our State Representative or State Senate candidates, you would know that conservatism is not dead and that the Reagan revolution is alive and well – please help me water the grassroots for the GOP in Massachusetts by contributing right now.


Robert Willington

Executive Director

Massachusetts Republican Party

(617) 523-5005

P.S. let me know if you have any questions, time is running out to buy advertisements for our local candidates – click here support the local GOP candidates with $250, $150, or even $75 right now.

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