Globe: Deval & Widmer beruit partners at budget cutting parties; Cahill rules at flip cup

Matt Viser says Deval Patrick has nooooo friends because the kewl kids don’t like him so he asked super senior Mike Widmer to be his beruit partner at the Beeka Hilla Domma budget cutting party.

Fraternity treasurer Tim Cahill challenged Sorority president Theresa Murray to a game of flip cup for the title of All-Ireland Flip Cup Champion. Cahill won because Theresa sucks at flip cup and didn’t collect her abandon property like Tim asked.

“The national economic crisis is battering the Massachusetts state budget, forcing Beacon Hill politicians and their top fiscal experts to sit down and make tough decisions about where to cut. Governor Deval Patrick is expected this week to spell out his plan for hundreds of millions of dollars in reductions from the current $28.2 billion budget, after consultations with House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi and Senate President Therese Murray. Most of the action thus far has taken place behind the scenes, in the warren of offices at the State House, where these key players have been shuttling back and forth in a frenzy to prepare for the upcoming fiscal storm.”…

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